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Заявка на подбор тура
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Instructions for tourists

Dear customers!
We ask to study following information to make your trip pleasant, without any troubles and disappointment.

Flight to Kamchatka

If you are going to Kamchatka, you should know that you can reach Petropavlovsk only by air plane. Plane arrives in the airport Elizovo (30 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).
Airport of Elizovo is the main port of tourist arrival in region. Airport is international and has been reconstructed recently. There is international terminal for foreign citizens` arrival. Airport connects with Russian cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Magadan, Krasnoyarsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Samara, with settlements in Kamchatka – Ozernaya, Sobolevo, Ust-Kamchatsk, Nikolskoye, Palana, Ossora, Tigil, Tilichiki, Ust-Khayryuzovo.
It is better to fly from Moscow, flight time is 9 hours. Direct flights are every day.

Meeting at the airport and transfer to the start of route:

You should inform us about the arrival in advance following:
- number of flight,
- date of flight
- airport.
This information is necessary for organization of your meeting at the airport.
Non-standard meetings should be mentioned additionally with the rep of the company. The expenses, connected with delay or early departure don`t refund.

What does the tour include?

The information about tourist services, included in the cost of the tour, itinerary, terms of services, and additional services, excluded in the cost of the tour, are listed in the description of every tour and informational list – attachment to the contract.
Extra-services are mentioned with the customer and are paid additionally.

Individual services

If our tours don`t suit you or you don`t want to join the group at any reason, we can organize individual tour for you. The cost of the tour is calculated with due regard to your request. Manager of our company will meet, accompany, coordinate and see off individual tourists.

What does take with?

Passport, contract.
Recommended private equipment. Unstable weather and temperature difference don`t allow to be limited with minimum of clothes and equipment en route. You should expect all possible weather conditions – from summer heat to strong wind with cold autumn rain, and snow at high altitude.
Sleeping bag with zipper and hood (temperature: +5C for summer, -10C and lower in winter). If there are ascents and overnights at the altitude more than 1000 meters in the program, the sleeping bad should be considered for temperature up to 15 C. Sleeping mat also is recommended.
• Footwear. Boots with hard soles, even high to fix feet. Sport slippers or sneakers are necessary at the camp.
• Gaiters – protecting the leg and boot from small stones, sand and sometimes water (for tours, connected with ascents).
• Warm, long moistureproof jacket with hood.
• Comfortable sport trousers from quick-drying fabric and capable to save warmth at low temperature.
• Fleece jacket or sweater.
• Warm vest.
• Couple of T-shirts.
• Underwear.
• Headdress
• Socks (several pairs)
• Gloves.
• Swimming suit.
• Broad moistureproof raincoat, maintaining hard rain.
• Toiletry.
• Sun glasses.
• Forehead or pocket flashlight.
• Medicines.
• Spray and mosquito net.
• alpenstock.
• Backpack of average size. Weight of your backpack will not exceed 15 kg at right choose of equipment. Besides main backpack it is better to have one more backpack up to 30 liters during excursions. Also you can take cape from rain.
• Special equipment for extreme, fishing and winter routes is mentioned additionally.
Things, jewelry, money and documents, unnecessary en route, customers can leave at the hotel`s safe or left-luggage office or per of “KamchatVizit” Ltd.

Terms of accommodation

Accommodation of tourists before, after and between routes is planned according to the itinerary in double rooms in the hotels of Petropavlovsk or resorts in recreational zone of Paratunka hot springs, in other settlements – at family hotels, en route – at modern tents or tourist camps.


Kind of transport depends on the quantity of pax, number of seats in the car and difficulty of the route. Tourist equipment and meals are transferred with the tourists.


Meals at the city and resort`s café or restaurants are paid by tourist by himself and are not included in the cost of the tour. Breakfast at the city hotels is included and is not paid additionally.
The personnel of the company cook food by gas or on fire en route. Full board. We take water from rivers, creek and springs. During ascents the lunch is snack (sandwiches, water, chocolate, fruits).
I you are a vegetarian or have any food allergy, please inform us in advance.

Group equipment

Tourists are provided with group equipment en route: two-place tents, mobile kitchen, kitchen equipment, sectional chairs and table, first aid kit, satellite for emergency call, GPS.


All customers without medical restrictions can take part in active tours. You take a decision upon choice of the route. A great part of the tours passes in the outlying districts and emergency action is difficult. This makes you responsible for your health. We recommend you to consult the doctor before trip.
People, who need the treatment and follow-up care, can`t take part in active tours!
Age requirements. The minimal tourist`s age, that we recommend, is 10 years, maximal ones depends on your physical training and health. Children up to 16 years old can take part in tour only with the parents. Only you decide to take or not your child en route. It all depends on the concrete route, physical training and readiness to the field conditions.
Training requirements. Tourists on the concrete route should meet the requirements en route.


Insurance and medical expenses are included in the cost of all tours and excursions. If you have your own insurance and want to take part in our tours inform us of the following: name of the company and copy of the insurance.


A great part of routes passes along underpopulated or unpopulated territories without boons of civilization that is why you should be ready for the trip and don`t be afraid of field conditions (absence of communal public services, unusual meals, physical load) and weather.
Weather in Kamchatka is unpredictable and can quickly change. The temperature in mountains can decrease to 0 ºС, strong wind, rain and thick fog is possible, that is pay attention to the choice of clothes.
Mountain relief, cave-in, glaciers, grassy slopes, wet paths and wild rivers are the source of increased risk. Tourists should remember that mountains are avalanche-prone, especially in February – March (period of heave precipitation). It is necessary to keep to safety instructions, which you would be given by the guide before the start of route.
Solar radiation. Intensity of solar radiation is very high in the mountains due to the purity of air and reflection of sunbeams from snowy slopes. If precautionary measures aren`t taken, sun burns, snow blindness heat or sun stroke will be possible. It is necessary to use suitable clothes and headdress, sun glasses and protection from sun burns and not misuse with insolation.
Active volcanoes are unpredictable and you can happen in the zone of eruption. Emissions of warmed-over gas are on the slopes and tops of many volcanoes and in this areas you should avoid of entry into gas and steam jets (intoxication is possible). It is prohibited to drink water from foot of the volcano as it is often saturated with detrimental impurities and poison.
Earthquakes and tsunami. Earthquakes are the most destructive natural disasters. As for intensity and strength of earthquakes Kamchatka and surrounding waters is one of the most active areas in the world. Earthquakes can provoke dilution and subsidence, collapses, broad cracks of the ground, rockfalls, landslides, avalanches, mud flows. Earthquakes also swing water. Tsunami can descend on the coast after earthquake and underflooding of the coast can appear. Strong fluctuation of water (seishi) can appear in bays and lakes. Please follow the directions of the guide en route and read the instruction in the hotel or resort.
Bears. There is a great possibility to meet a bear en route, that is why it is prohibited to move away the group for long distances. You should inform the guide of your leave. You should know that in most cases bear tries to go away first and shows aggression while protecting catch or progeny. It is not recommended to run away, show aggression, you should be calm and slowly drop behind!
Poisonous plants in Kamchatka are few, but dangerous. These are cowbane, water hemlock, чемерица, aconites, delphinium, daphne, erythrocarpous baneberry, Lysichiton camtschatcense, female dragon. To avoid intoxication you shouldn`t eat unfamiliar plants, and ask the guide if it is possible to eat plants, herbs, berries, mushrooms.

We wish you a good trip and unforgettable impressions!
Большое спасибо фирме "Камчат Визит" за хорошо спланированный отдых на Камчатке! Мы научены горьким опытом, поэтому долго выбирали туроператора, остановились на вашей фирме и не пожалели. Переписка и общение с менеджером Екатериной окончательно утвердили наше желание ехать на Камчатку. Нас встретил и доставил в отель Андрей, очень приятный молодой человек, любящий свой край. Гид нам достался - настоящая энциклопедия. Все очень понравилось, отношение, сервис, уровень подготовки на высшем уровне. Рекомендую вас своим друзьям!
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Тур с 06.08.2019 по 13.08.2019.Огромное спасибо ребятам с организацию нашего отдыха. Благодаря Вам мы влюбились в Камчатку. СПАСИБО ОГРОМНОЕ!!!!
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Полный восторг получила от зимнего тура Камчатка зимой! Все было просто великолепно! Начиная от комфортного проживания на базе Кречет, где можно было каждый день после дневных экскурсий на морозе окунуться в бассейне с термальными водами. Погода тоже не подвела и позволила выполнить всю программу тура и даже больше... А ребята ( Виталий и Дмитрий) просто молодцы! Спасибо вам за заботу и внимание к нам, туристам! Надеюсь еще встретиться! Удачи вам в бизнесе и всего самого наилучшего!
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Спасибо! Мне все понравилось)
Вся команда очень слаженно работает. Всегда оперативно и грамотно проконсультируют и ответят на все интересующие вопросы, помогут проработать детали. Спасибо большое! Очень приятно работать с Вами!